Pilates Teacher Training Program

Join Brooke Bowersock, Balanced Body Master Pilates Insructor and Faculty member 

"Brooke is an intuitive teacher and mentor. She keeps the balance of teaching the curriculum and letting us experiment while she teaches. Brooke teaches in a way where I feel comfortable and supported, and I am able to digest all the details needed to become a Pilates instructor."

"Brooke is an amazing teacher! She was always present with patience and a genuine interest in helping each student understand all the material covered in the module. The flow of the class was awesome and the studio is set up beautiful. I can't wait to continue my learning journey there."

Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training Options

Pilates Matwork

Movement Principles March 30-31, 2019

Mat 1 Apr 27-28, 2019

Mat 2 May 11-12, 2019

Mat 3 June 15-16, 2019

The Mat program requires a student to successfully complete both Mat I, 2, 3 and Movement Princeples modules. Teaching, and observation hours are required to complete the program.

Pilates Reformer

Reformer 1 June 29-30, 2019

Reformer 2 July 20-21, 2019

Reformer 3 Sept 7-8, 2019

This covers all Reformer work. For successful completion candidates will need: Reformer 1, 2, & 3 and Movement Principles as well as teaching and observation hours along with anatomy to complete the program.

Pilates Apparatus

Chair March 8-9, 2019

Barrels March 10, 2019

Cadillac/ Tower Oct 18-20, 2019

Chair Nov 8-9, 2019

Barrel Nov 10, 2019

Covers a repertoire of Tower, Barrels, Chairs and Trapeze Table. Teaching and observations hours along with anatomy are required to complete the program.

Continuing Education 

Bodhi Fundamentals 

8 hour course

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Buff Bones® Instructor Training at ALIGN:  

Saturday, April 13 - 8:30am – 6pm Sunday, April 14 - 8:30am – 5pm  

$600 when registered by March 14 ($700 after) Earn 17 PMA CECs (Fulfill your credits for one year in one weekend! 

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These workshops are for Certified Pilates Instructors looking to enhance their sessions and knowledge of specific topics and areas of focus. 

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Becoming a Pilates instructor takes time and effort. Balanced Body has designed their world renowned program to make the process easy to understand, flexible and affordable.  

You can take the modules individually, and depending on your goals, you can take as long as you need to complete the program. You must take the Mat and Reformer Modules in order (for expample Mat 1 before Mat 2) , but you may start with Reformer and then do Mat and Apparatus later in order to complete the comprehensive program.

Every module includes a certificate of completion for that course. The module certificates establish you as a Balanced Body student teacher. Additional personal practice, observation and student teaching hours are required to become a fully qualified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor.  

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a big step! Let us help you get a better understanding of the details!

Q: Why should I choose Balanced Body teacher training over other local options or other programs?

With a Balanced Body Pilates Certification you can teach anywhere in the world. The program is the most widely studied program today. No matter where you go your certification program will be recognized, accepted and respected. 

Balanced Body Education believes that a high-quality educational experience leads to exceptional teachers and exceptional teachers change lives. A Balanced Body Pilates education respectfully and comprehensively presents the works of Joseph H. Pilates. Our signature and innovative Balanced Body approach teaches the repertoire as well as movement principles and the practical day to day instructional applications of each of the exercises. At Balanced Body, we encourage you to explore and create your own voice and style as a practitioner as we believe this approach respects the past and innovates the future.

Q: What are the requirements for completion?

To make this easier to understand we have broken this down for you below...


The minimum prerequisites for each program are as follows:  

Mat Instructor Training

  • 20 Pilates Mat classes
  • Anatomy is highly recommended  

Reformer and Comprehensive Instructor Training 

  • Pilates Mat instructor training
  • 30 Reformer or Apparatus based sessions
  • Successful completion of the Anatomy requirement prior to test out  


 Requirements for Completion – Comprehensive only (Mat or Reformer Certifications have different requiremnets) To become a fully qualified Balanced Body Comprehensive Instructor, students must complete the following requirements:  

Movement Principles (16 hours) Balanced Body Mat instructor training coursework Balanced Body Reformer instructor training coursework Balanced Body Trapeze Table/Cadillac (or Tower) coursework (18 hours) Balanced Body Chair coursework (14 hours) Balanced Body Barrels coursework (6 hours)

  • Total hours for completing: 520 hours (not including anatomy)
  • Final written and practical test (Anatomy is required prior to test out)  

Why choose Balanced Body?

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